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About the Talks

This summer we’re hosting a series of webinars, called Sys Talks, to engage with other professionals on topics like big data, placemaking, and transportation forecasting.

We’ll host a variety of speakers and hear from them the latest research and practice on each of the topics. The talks will offer a short presentation, followed by questions and conversations with the speakers.

We hope for participants to share in the conversation and welcome comments from the participants.

Sign up to learn, and be inspired by our international speakers working in transportation research and analytics, policy making, networking, innovation and more!

SYS Talks 1.
July 7th 12:30 Eastern | Big Data.

The data shall not be standardized. Allowing the customer to deliver the data design insights.

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SYS Talks 2.
July 13th 11:30 Eastern | User Centered Design in Transport Planning.

Inclusive mobility and public space.

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SYS Talks 3.
July 20th 12:30 Eastern | Travel Demand Modelling.

Evolution of travel demand forecasting, new paradigms and technologies.

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Jonelle Hanson

Senior Consultant, Systematica

Jonelle is a transportation planning consultant with more than 10 years of experience in regional and urban transportation planning, traffic modelling, and land use studies. She is also a researcher in new technologies changing the mobility environment. Over the span of her career she has worked with cities, MPO’s, and developers from across the United States in the transportation sector. Jonelle joined Systematica in December 2019 as a Senior Transportation Consultant.