Transform Retail: Exploring a Better Customer Experience

Transform Retail: Exploring a Better Customer Experience

Explorations on how to better live retail.

The Retail is a component more and more integrated in the local context with repercussions on the global economic system. The recent technological evolution has changed the way we all consume the shopping experience, making necessary alternative ways to go beyond the traditional “format” and paying more attention to the quality of the overall shopping experience and its places. The role of the designer for the creation or retail spaces becomes therefore more and more crucial, in a fast-paced context where design principles are constantly evolving.



Arch. Giovanni Massimo Bottini, Presidente di Systematica S.r.l.


“The mutation of retail”
Pietro Malaspina, Aedes SiiQ

“Design retail”
Adolfo Suarez, Lombardini 22

“Pedestrian analysis: how to move within shopping malls”
Filippo Bazzoni, Systematica

“Stop shopping!”
Mauro Rizzi, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise