STEP UP Final Event

STEP UP Final Event

On February 16, the STEP UP team organized an event for the conclusion of their scientific research project.

The scientific research project “STEP UP – Walkability for Women in Milan”, submitted under the call for proposals “INEQUALITIES RESEARCH – Generating new knowledge to reduce inequalities” and awarded by Fondazione Cariplo (Grant No. 2022-1643), focuses on the level of walkability for women based on the perceived safety at night, in the city of Milan. Transform Transport coordinated STEP UP from March 2023 to the end of February 2024 in collaboration with TeMA Lab – Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Sex and the City, and Walk21 Foundation.

Over 100 people attended. The event comprised a series of insightful talks and discussions centering on the findings of STEP UP and shedding light on the broader scope of gender-inclusive mobility planning in Milan and beyond, offering audience members the opportunity to delve into the diverse findings of the project and engage in fruitful discussions with esteemed guest speakers.

“At the heart of a women-friendly city lies safety for everyone,” remarked Elena Lattuada, Mayor’s Delegate for Gender Equal Opportunity, Municipality of Milan, setting the tone for the talks that came next.

Highlights included an interview with human rights advocate Nogaye Ndiaye, exploring perceptions of fear in public space from gender and racial perspectives.

Architect and editor specializing in environmental issues Donatella Bollani moderated a panel discussion on gender and city design, with speakers such as Laura Galluzzo (Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano), Marco Granelli (Security Councillor, City of Milan), and Giorgia Ziliani (, Her City Project in Corvetto). 

Linda Gustafsson, Gender Equality Officer at the Municipality of Umeå, Sweden, shared a data-driven approach to gender equality and showcased examples of public space infrastructure from a woman’s perspective.

The STEP UP team, in turn, presented the project and the booklet, which provides insights gained from the research process and recommendations for future initiatives in gender-inclusive urban planning. We also talked about walkability and inclusive mobility.